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Another week



Watching on a hot day in LA

Definitely felt like last week had that eclectic LA feel to it at the wall. A very friendly, young gal with pink hair, tattoos galore, and a built in air conditioning system on the back of her t-shirt stopped to watch, three very thin bike riding dudes asked to photograph their bike against the wall, and Rudy, an 80 year old vet who lifts weights and works out regularly also stopped at the wall. I thanked Rudy for his service to our country and he thanked me for making the mosaic.



yellow bike





A Few Faces

I continue to work on the Echo Park mosaic one tile at a time.  It was another week of joyful piecing together of my ceramic quilt and many fine folks stopped to chat and sit on the sidewalk with me while I worked. Here’s a few of this week’s highlights!

This gorgeous, green iguana visited the wall with his human friends. He looked regal and commanding atop his perch.

green iguana A woman came and sat down on the sidewalk and asked if she could watch me work. She was very kind and had a glowing beauty about her. She had a certain grace about her too. She told me her name was Badu and she was visiting from Dallas. She had just auditioned for a show for Amazon. She was waiting for her food order from a nearby vegan restaurant. She sat with me for awhile. I wished her luck and asked her if I could take her photo. I told her she might be famous one day…..turns out she already is. It was Erykah Badu. A very lovely lady and so was her friend.Baduotto

Speaking of lovely, here is Otto. Otto stopped by to see the mosaic with his human friend, Holly Hampton. Holly has an incredible sense of color and design, so I asked her for advice on some color combos I was thinking of using on the wall. Both Holly and Otto gave me excellent advice!

It started to rain, so we packed up and all trundled off for the day. I can’t wait to see who stops by next week. I’m really enjoying this process. Lots of fine folks walk by every day!