and um….what about MONEY?

The first thing I would ask someone on a year sabbatical is “how the heck can you afford to NOT work for a year???”

Some teachers get paid on sabbatical and some don’t. I am in the latter grouping, which means I had to save up in order to go on this sabbatical. No, my husband is not supporting me financially and it always gets my ire up when people assume he is. I saved like a squirrel for several years and am giving myself a meager salary whilst on the sabbatical. Honestly folks, we don’t need as much as society tells us we need. I am not buying any new clothes this year, am eating simply, and trying to keep it very simple on all levels. Let’s just say the 99Cent Store and I are dear friends this year. It is all worth it to have TIME. I keep on harping on TIME because we are all rushing around, working long hours, and lack time to fully live it seems, so although I am living on half my salary this year, I don’t even mind being broke because I am rich in TIME.


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