KCRW airs a segment on my ARTernity Leave

Wow, I was so excited to have Lisa Napoli from KCRW come on out to the mosaic. What a great lady. I don’t ever recall being on the radio, so this was a first for me. I am honored that KCRW showed interest in the year-long project I have been working on and the road I took to get there. You can listen to the show by clicking on the KCRW blog here:


Just as the interview was wrapping up, two of my students walked by on their way to the paddle boats at Echo Park Lake. These two are terrific kids and it was great to see them!


Lucinda and Miles stop by on their way to the park.

A very gregarious and animated gentleman stopped to tell me how much  he loves the colors in the mosaic. He told me he was a telenovela actor in Mexico, but now he lives in Los Feliz and Palm Springs and he was very happy to tell me he got the pants he was wearing for 1.89 at Fallas! Fallas is right down the street from me in Highland Park and they have super cheap stuff. It’s a very popular store. He made me laugh out loud. A very fun fella!


Rafael Rabago in his $1.89 camo pants!

IMG_4004I’m almost finished with the eggplant circle. I ran out of cut tiles yesterday and need to cut about six more today, then back at the wall. Thanks to photographer, Martin Cox,  for coming out today and documenting the process. He is an amazing artist, check out his website:




2 thoughts on “KCRW airs a segment on my ARTernity Leave

  1. Anne Saitzyk

    Great story and photos, Katrina! You’re an inspiration. And you sound great on the radio to boot!

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you, Anne. Aren’t YOU on sabbatical now? I hope you are enjoying it if you are. SOOO great to be in your class this year:)


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