Heath Tile!

I’m very excited to have Heath Tile on board with the mosaic project in Echo Park. I visited the Heath factory up in Sausalito last week to purchase some more green tiles. While I was there I left my business card and explained the project I am working on with the hopes I might get some tiles donated. The next day I received an email from Lisa Bookstein, Heath’s mosaic artist, saying she would be happy to donate Heath tiles to the project. I am a huge fan of Heath. This company has been around for many years and has a timeless style and grace to everything they create. I’ll be driving back up to Marin next week to meet with Lisa and I can’t wait to see what they can spare. I just like being near that place. It inspires me to see a company with values such as Heath still thriving, still making and creating objects in the U.S., and willing to share with the greater community. Edith Heath founded Heath Ceramics in 1948 and it is still going strong. For more info on Heath, go to:


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