Precious TIME

I am not a naturally organized person. It’s actually quite difficult for me to file, fold, and place items in a systematic order. Chaos is more my friend, so part of my sabbatical is to get organized, get rid of stuff, sift through it all so I can see clearly. For anyone out there that teaches full time, you know what I am talking about. By the time I get home from teaching and being on my feet all day, the last thing I want to do is clean and organize. I just want to collapse in a bath and stay there for a long time with a glass of wine. Well, I tackled my garage first in order to create a working space for the year. You can see from this BEFORE photo, what my tile-filled garage looked like:


For years I would just open the garage door, close my eyes, and toss box upon box in there, quickly closing the door before I caught a glimpse of what I was creating! BUT NOW….now that I am on this sabbatical…….look what glorious TIME can do:


Oh yes! I have organized all the tiles by color. It’s so organized, it’s scary. I doubt this level of color coded efficiency will remain a constant in my life, but for now it feels great. I got rid of loads of stuff and finally feel I have a grasp on the inventory for the mosaic. Here’s some greens, some blues, yellows, and blacks! I am basking in the glory of this brief efficiency:

IMG_0972 IMG_0968


IMG_0970 IMG_0973

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